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Turkey flag meaning


The Turks have had numerous flags during their long history and the crescent was on almost every one of them. Turks are Muslims, and many Muslim countries display crescents of different shapes and colors on their flags because the flag of the Ottomans displayed three crescents on a green background.

The Ottomans started to use one crescent and a star on their flags, similar to the current Turkish flag, after the 16th century. There's a great story behind the color and symbols on the Turkish flag, which was officially adopted on May 29, 1936. The story goes as one of the great Sultans, Yavuz Sultan Selim (father of Suleiman the Magnificent), went to war with the Mamaluks in Egypt in 1517.

Turkey country flag

He defeated the Mamaluks and added Egypt to the Ottoman Territories. The evening after the victory, Sultan Selim wandered around the battlefield and saw a puddle of his men's blood. The moon and a star reflected in the blood in a shape similar to the current Turkish flag. Sultan Selim was so impressed from that combination that he ordered an image of the reflection to be used as the Turkish flag.